Provider Relations

Premier Health IPA believes in caring for the people who provide the care. There’s nothing more critical to the success of your medical practice than the well-being and positive spirit of members.

Premier Health IPA has developed a Provider Service Team to assist you in complying with IPA policies and procedures, health plan audits, and regulatory changes. If you have questions or issues or want to schedule and on-site visit, please call our Provider Relations Department.

Premier Health IPA offers a provider portal, ‘The “Cap Connect, ” for all in-network providers. Cap Connect is a provider resource center with tools and information that allow eligible providers to manage their population efficiently. In addition to end-user training, Cap Connect offers several on-line services, including claim and eligibility look-up and specialty referral submissions. Providers can request end-user training of the Cap Connect application via phone or in-person interaction by contacting [email protected].

Visit Cap Connect


Schedule An In-Service:

Areas of Discussion with Physicians/Office Managers:

  • Administration, Resources
  • Internet Availability and Capabilities
  • Eligibility Management
  • PCP Policies and Procedures
  • SCP Policies and Procedures
  • Claims Management
  • Utilization Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Based Reimbursement by Medicare
  • Pay for Performance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Senior Services

What Sets Us Apart:

  • On-Site Provider Services
  • Automatic Fax Back System 
    (Quicker Turn-a-round of Authorizations)
  • Claims In-Load Capability
  • Web-Based Capability
    • Authorizations
    • Claims
    • Eligibility
  • Interactive Authorization (Enter Authorizations Online)
  • Website - Marketing of Physicians
  • Homebound Program
  • Diabetic Clinic
  • 24/7 SNF Program
  • Senior Services