Premier Health IPA has recently implemented a “Member Advocacy Program” to provide you quick and responsive services. When members contact Premier Health IPA, our member services team will handle the call from start to finish. They have been trained to look up information and answer most questions. When issues require involvement with other departments, they will coordinate with those departments and get back with you. Their goal is to get your question answered as soon as possible and to make sure that you are updated on the status of the research.

Please feel free to contact our member service department with assistance with any of the following issues:

  • Bills from physicians, and unpaid claims
  • Pending referrals
  • Unable to schedule an appointment with a specialist or primary care physicians
  • Direct referral to specialists
  • After-hour care centers
  • Change primary care physicians and stay within IPA network
  • Any other inquiries



Our member service team would like to hear from you with any comments or concerns. 

You can contact them by calling:

Our normal hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.